Do you love jungle animals and love to have fun?

To change a bit from the jungle animals you take care of on Tropicstory, there are 81 free mini Flash games about jungle animals available. They are free to play and there is no time limit. Enough to pass the time for hours!

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Wild predator
Games Wild predator
Use the arrow keys to move Pacman and escape from the predators!
Games Explorer
What level will you get to in this unusual jungle game?
Games Adventurers
Can you find all the animals and objects in this jungle game?
Races in the jungle
Games Races in the jungle
How fast will you get out of this unfriendly jungle?
Jungle adventure
Games Jungle adventure
Will you get out of this jungle alive?
Jungle games
Games Jungle games
How many enemies will you defeat in this jungle game?
Race in the jungle
Games Race in the jungle
Will you beat all the records in this race through the jungle?
Mario piranha
Games Mario piranha
Can you get Mario out in one piece?
Games Piranhas
How big will your piranha get?
Animals games
Games Animals games
Can you get this explorer out of this trap?
Jungle fruits
Games Jungle fruits
How many points will you get in this very fruity jungle game?!
Lion jigsaw puzzle
Games Lion jigsaw puzzle
How long will you take to put together the lion puzzle?

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