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The results of the animals in the jungle adventures are determined by:
- the animal's level in the specialty or specialities that are taken into consideration in this type of adventure (the level that could increase due to participation in the adventure, depending on the animal's place);
- the animal's state (health and/or strength, danger, parasite, etc.).

You can find the detail of the specialties and other characteristics taken into account on each type of adventure's page. The better these are, the better your animal's results will be.

Last but not least, hazard is also part of the adventures, which gives them charm and originality! Hazard will always play a somewhat important role in the results.

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Specialty(s) put into play in this type of jungle adventures
Place in the food chain of a animal depending on its level in these specialties:
Place in the food chain
Level minimum 10%30%50%70%85%
Place in the food chain of a adventure in relation to the difficulty of the trials:
Place in the food chain
Maximum difficulty 10 points30 points50 points70 points85 points
Number of jungle animals: Between 3 and 5
Number of adventures: 13
Average difficulty level:33 points
Duration of a adventure: 30 minutes

Jungle River Race

Who will be the fastest down the river?
The jungle animals must go down the river as quickly as possible. For the species that specialize in speed.
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